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In a former update of the 8th September 2019 we referenced the insurable Peril of ‘Theft’ – here

This week Victoria Police announced increased measures to assist Farms experiencing Theft including Theft of Livestock – here

This again highlights that all major insurable Perils are available for Livestock with the exception of Drought.

In continuing to look at what is happening globally, noting recent references to Kenya (2) and to a lesser extent Mongolia (3), in the space of
Livestock Drought Insurance today we refer to an insurance offering recently released in the USA (4):

InsureMyForage is essentially a Crop insurance product however refers to Livestock / Pastoralists more specifically than traditional Crop insurance products.

On the 20th of May 2019 Angus Beef Bulletin USA released this article in relation to Ins InsureMyForage:

‘..this rainfall index program is federally subsidized, authorized by the Farm Bill, and available for grazing ground or land in a perennial hay crop. It’s essentially a safety net for livestock producers when they have to buy more hay because of drought.’

Brett’s history with Angus cattle and the USA pre dates OBA Consulting’s formation in February 2019 as formerly O’Brien Angus was a
registered breeding herd with Angus Australia – including genetics from the USA:

Brett pictured assessing cattle at Green Garden Angus – Ellsworth, Kanas, USA – 1994 –

Australia’s $20,000,000,000 Red Meat & Livestock worldwide market