The bull in our logo is based on a real bull bred and born bull in New Zealand named Pinebank 4197  

4197, as he was effectionaly known, was at the centre of the targeted breeding
program for O’Brien Angus, Brett’s formerly registered herd with Angus Australia:

O’Brien Angus, Angus Australia, calf record form for the month of August, 2005

          4197 was selected to be at the centre of O’Brien Angus breeding plan due to his depth of rib,
robust rump, ease of fleshing, moderate frame score, ability to do well on moderate feed
(grass, not grain), calving ease and taste of progeny:

Born 4th October 1997 he is no longer with us yet in 2017 we commissioned this cast of
him by renowned American bovine sculptor Carol of
COWs (Carols Original Works): 

Carol at work on yet another masterpiece!

Brett: Auckland, New Zealand 2014

The scuplt of 4197 was then magestically finished by our Operations Manager Patricia:

He had a mature weight of 2630 lbs (1,200kgs), 5.1 Frame score (skeletal size explained below), 46 cm scrotal measurement:

Both 41/97’s dam and grand dam had 11 calves and were 13 years old when retired from the Pinebank herd:

He was described as:

‘The NZ bull by which all others are measured, excelling in a large scale (35 bulls/2000+ progeny) progeny tests to validate NZ/AUD EPD’s (expected progeny differences) & EBV’s (estimated breeding values) where he was above average for growth, carcass traits, and near the top in feed efficiency’ 

41/97 has 1000’s of daughters in production on four continents including 28 states in North America, 4 provinces in Canada, and calves in South America, Australia and New Zealand.