Dear Valued Interested Persons,

White line fever is an Australian term used to describe the radical change in a person’s behaviour when stepping onto a sporting arena to play, aka stepping over the ‘white line’.

Is this a bad thing however?

Should we not strive to make a difference in what we do?

Please click here for an interesting short video featuring some Holstein Cattle and ‘a white line’:

Why are these cows doing this………..?

Clearly sport is not the answer – it’s likely given that Cows are largely colour blind they likely see the white line as a shade of grey – perhaps a dark shade and then possibly perceive it as a Cattle grid or whole in the ground – accordingly muscle memory kicks and evasive action is taken to address this perceived threat / danger:

Why are Cattle grids used?

It’s easier than opening and closing the gate within perimeter fencing – occasionally we humans do shows ‘signs’ of intelligence albeit ‘not that frequently’, according to Brett 😊

Fortunately the original design function of the Cattle grid remains the best and the designers have not seen the need to ‘evolve(???)’ it:

Colours Cattle can see?

In addition to grey and black, Cows see muted versions of yellow and blue – unlike human eyes, Cows eyes have only two colour receptors.

They do not see all the possible shades of yellow and blue, particularly as they lean toward the green spectrum, nonetheless their world is not exclusively comprised of shades of grey (& who said cattle weren’t sexy…???).