Dear Valued Interested Persons,

Please find link to a 10 minute video package from House Question Time discussing Drought from Tuesday the 15th of October 2019: here

Pleasing to hear The Hon. Scott Morrison Prime Minister repeatedly refer to NFF President Fiona Simson who in direct liaison with OBA Consulting Managing Director Brett O’Brien, 5th June 2019, expressed sentiments as follows in discussing Livestock Drought Insurance:

  • We (NFF) have in the past and continue to put in significant effort towards Government support of a “risk transfer” or industry-wide multi-peril type of product for farmers, which our members all basically support
  • Currently global experience indicates that to make the product affordable and enable widespread take-up, government needs to be involved at least initially – this is something OBA Consulting has been espousing publicly since April 2019 – here