Dear Valued Interested Persons,

This email provides 2 important updates on stock drought and flood insurance:

1. This week The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) provided comment to on the subject as follows:

ICA spokesman Campbell Fuller told it “would like to be” part of initial discussions to develop a product to help Australian farmers protect from natural disaster livestock loss”. released an article this week featuring Brett, the Cattle Council of Australia and a spokesman for the ICA on the topic of stock drought and flood insurance – please find the full article attached.

2.  On the 4th April 2019 OBA Consulting received a letter from The Hon David Littleproud, Minister for Agriculture & Water Resources – attached.

In Brett’s email to the The Hon Scott Morrison, Prime Minister (attached) of 26th of February 2019 he suggested the Government set up website similar to the following:

Per aforementioned letter from The Hon David Littleproud the Government has announced the North Queensland Livestock Industry Recovery Agency:

The Initiative

The North Queensland Livestock Industry Recovery Agency was announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on 1 March 2019 to assist with the immediate response, recovery and reconstruction efforts in support of North, Far North and Western Queensland communities affected by heavy rainfall and wide-spread flooding in early 2019.

This is a good outcome for Queenslanders yet more needs to be done to address this issue nationally:

Brett remains resolute on the journey to materialising a solution for stock drought and flood insurance for the betterment of this farming generation and those to come!