Dear Valued Interested Persons,

Adequately protecting our Livestock which for many Farms, not all, forms the backbone of the 85,000 Farm businesses in Australia is very important in terms of Meat and Dairy production.

In this email we take a snapshot look at Meat at a Local and International level:


Looking at the below graph we can seek that for the week of 16th of May 2019 at the Colac, Victoria, Saleyards, Yearling (approximately 15 month old animal) Steers (castrated Bulls):

  • Averaged $1.67 per kilo live weight (as opposed to carcase or ‘hook’ weight)
  • Peaked at $2.55 per kilo live weight
  • Had a Low of 0.45c per kilo live weight

A Yearling Steer is expected to weigh approximately 285kg and a yearling Heifer (Female) is expected weigh approximately 240kg.

This loosely translates to the Farmer as follows:

  • 285Kg Steer sells for ‘average’ price of $1.67 per kilo
  • 285Kg multiplied by 1.67 = $476.00
  • Farmer receives $467.00

Colac, Victoria, Australia Saleyards:


The below diagram illustrates World-wide consumption in $AUD for Australian Red Meat & Livestock in 2017.

Australia is 2nd behind the USA as the worlds largest producers of Red Meat.

Brett remains resolute on the journey to materialising a solution for Livestock Risk Transfer for the betterment of this farming generation and those to come!