Dear Valued Interested Persons,

You don’t have to love or rely on Cattle, nor be a Rocket Scientist to see how valuable they are.

The below diagram references 82 products used by humans made from Cattle………..:

……….without shining a light on those most common to and enjoyed by us:

Whether you are from the Country or The Big Smoke most people enjoy a country drive from time to time.

Imagine the countryside you see without Cattle on it – not a stretch to suggest it would be akin to driving the Great Ocean Road and not seeing the white caps that form part of and aesthetically compliment the ocean:

Cattle add beautiful colour, silhouettes and life to mother nature’s canvass….

Without Cattle are we failing to the see the forest for the trees?

Isn’t it time Australian Farmers were able to declare Livestock as insured assets to lending institutions and others for perils other than Fire?