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As Australian Farmers continue utilisation and exploration into Drought tolerant crops are we going to do anything with Livestock to build genuine resilience to Drought?

Farmers in Northern Territory and other regions of Australia run beautiful Brahman Cattle – one of the reasons they do so is because Brahmans are parasite resistant:

Its yet another intelligent Australian Farming technique to mitigate against the impacts of parasites and assist with biodiversity.

From the Australian Brahman Breeders Association Limited – ABBL


Tolerance to heat is a major economic factor in tropical beef production. When the body temperature rises cattle become stressed, resulting in reduced feeding time and feed intake, increased water consumption, wasted energy panting, poor quality meat and even death.

The Brahman’s heat tolerance is controlled by, dark pigmented skin dissipates internal heat increased number, efficiency and size of sweat glands, sleek coat which reflects sun increased area of loose skin and slower metabolic rate which means less heat generated

Studies have demonstrated that Brahmans have a greater reproductive response to improved levels of nutrition than other breeds because of their ability to close down their reproductive system as a survival mechanism when under stress. Under adequate levels of

nutrition Brahman’s fertility will equal that of other breeds.


The Brahman’s resistance to cattle tick is of major economic importance because of less chemical use and increased weight gain.

The Australian Brahman’s resistance to cattle tick is related to:

  • immune response prevents ticks developing
  • reduced tick burden on pasture and on animals
  • sleek coat does not favour attachment of tick larvae
  • chemicals in sweat gland act as repellent.

The point of referring to Brahman Cattle specifically in this iteration is what a demonstration it is of appropriate planning to operate (Farm) and thrive in known harsh Australian environments:

When the worst of this Drought passes the next one won’t be far away and we have all seen enough weather related graphs without seeing another one to know that is true – Science has no agenda: