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Please find the aforementioned 4 minute video recently added to our YouTube channel

The video is titled:

The One in a Hundred – a deeply personal perspective on surviving Drought

At OBA Consulting we feel the ‘resilience’ of Australian Farmers is referred to far too often – particularly considering those Farmers who are no longer with us.

It’s worth considering the above video and below excerpt referencing a French Farmer in this article from Reuters 2nd August 2019:

The following sentiments from OBA Consulting MD Brett O’Brien referenced in this OBA Consulting update of 18th February 2020 also align with the above:

Also within our YouTube channel please find this 1 minute video from the USA outlining:

  • ‘the long shared history between Agriculture and Insurance and how essential this is in supporting the American economy’.

Reference to supporting national economy’s being of paramount importance amidst Covid-19.