Dear Readers,

A recent letter received by our office from Hon. David Littleproud MP referred to OBA Consulting’s ‘continued correspondence with the Australian Government’ with respect to Livestock Drought Insurance and ‘effectively operating markets’.

We appreciate the Minister recognising our dedication to this matter.

Letter excerpt only below from Minister for Water Resources, Drought, Rural Finance, Natural Disaster & Emergency Management:

As we have communicated to Hon. Minister Littleproud at OBA Consulting we do not believe these markets are operating effectively with respect to Drought for Livestock, furthermore within the context of mainstream insurers tabled below offering Farm Insurance products in Australia we do not believe the cover is attainable whatsoever – something OBA Consulting Managing Director, Brett O’Brien has been asserting since February 2019.

Below is a summary of Farm Insurance products offered by mainstream insurers in Australia with respect to FIRE, FLOOD and DROUGHT for Livestock:

Driest continents source

NB: OBA Consulting funding applications submitted to The Government, Meat & Livestock Australia, select General Insurers & The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) have all been declined.

Excerpt from Insurance News 8th April 2019:

OBA Consulting has not head back from The ICA since most recently writing to them on the 8th January 2020.

From The Sydney Morning Herald 5th January 2020:

‘The next time insurers are summoned to Canberra I would like to hear Mr Frydenberg ‘tell’ them to start offering Livestock Drought Insurance without delay and support them to do so as Government’s in other countries support insurers to offer products their citizens need’

Brett O’Brien – OBA Consulting Managing Director