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Further to article below of 10th December 2019 a provision of the Livestock Drought Insurance policy, excerpt below, OBA Consulting proposes
includes a provision for insuring clause 2. ‘Livestock transportation costs’:

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‘We have got to get ahead of the issues around Drought and build some genuine resilience.
Livestock Drought insurance being a key pillar within a wholistic resilience plan’.

Brett O’Brien – Managing Director OBA Consulting

‘Whilst sadly it is impossible to eliminate Livestock loss due to Drought being able to purchase feed subsequent
to access to funds via Livestock Drought Insurance could quite literally be lifesaving for Farmers and their Cattle’

Brett O’Brien – Managing Director OBA Consulting

‘Noting Australia is currently ranked 3rd in terms of Developed Countries, are we going to take responsibility for protecting our Cattle resources?

The responsibility should not rest with the Government to cyclically, reactively hand out tax payer funded bail out packages.

Nor should the Government rely on tax payer funded bail out packages to secure re-election.

Insurers including re-insurers require Government assistance to be able to provide responsible Pastoralists the option to insure their Livestock against Drought.

Tax payer funded bail out packages subsequent to foreseeable events are reactive and not the actions of responsible nations’

Brett O’Brien – Managing Director OBA Consulting

Cattle numbers have dropped recently from 27,000,000 to 25,000,000 – their lowest numbers since the 1990’s.

To read how Drought can effect Cattle please find our former update from the 21st October 2019 here