Dear Readers,

Whilst exact number are not yet known reports suggest this summer we lost approximately 75,000 head of Cattle and Sheep to bushfire as reported in below ABC News article of 7th January 2020.

NB: above shows Livestock numbers ‘impacted’, not perished

The scale of the bushfires and the impact on the national livestock industry has been illustrated by
commodity analyst firm, Mercado, which has taken NASA mapping data and cross referenced it with
Meat & Livestock Australia livestock data. They estimate the fires in NSW and Victoria will have
affected 8.6 million sheep and 2.3 million cattle. These numbers account for 12% of the national
flock and 9% of the national herd, respectively.

According to Mercado just over 50,000 head (90% sheep) were lost on Kangaroo Island (SA) and the last tally on the mainland is approximately around 26,000 between
NSW and Vic combined Cattle and Sheep.

The above compounds the fact that currently we have the lowest Cattle numbers since the 1990’s referenced in this update and this video

Additionally this article from the Sydney Morning Herald also of 7th January 2020 references Australian Dairy production falling to less
than 9 billion litres last financial year – the lowest volume since 1996 – and Dairy Australia expects production to fall another 3 to 5 per cent this year.

Fire and Flood are insurable for Cattle losses, whilst capacity to insure Cattle for Drought remains limited