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People often conclude the answer for pastoralists in times of Drought is to simply ‘sell off stock’.

Consider however that in addition to, in some cases, getting $10 per head at the saleyards, farmers spend years creating blood lines for breeding stock as referenced below.

Article from Joel Fitzgibbon MP, Shadow Minister for Agriculture, electorate Hunter:

The Maitland Mercury


  • Half their prized cattle – boasting genetics built up over several decades – had to be sold. Many were slaughtered because nobody wanted them.
  • The rising demand has pushed the price of Lucerne hay up to more than $500 a tonne – that price has jumped $100 a tonne in the past two months.
  • Freight costs are thousands of dollars more than the price of the fodder.

Possible solutions A & B

An example of a meticulously constructed Blood Line for O’Brien Angus was as follows:

7 y.o. cow VLY S182 by a Green Garden Sire who had a Green Garden Dam and Grand Dam – ALL USA
Dam is 3rd generation Ythanbrea (AUS) by USA Sires