Dear Valued Interested Persons,

Some quick updates as follows:

This morning OBA Consulting presented to the Victorian Livestock Exchange – the presentation was very well received by the 100 odd people in attendance:

Brett’s article, turned editorial, in Farm Tender Ag News has received over 200 viewings and counting:

OBA Consulting Website continues to see ascending exposure – from its inception in February 2019 there has been a steady increase in the amount of Unique Visitors as follows:

May 2019 has been extrapolated based on viewings as at 14th of May at 124 views – analytics predicts the Website will reach 1,000 Unique Visits per month in August or September 2019.

OBA Consulting recently received its Property Identification Code from Agriculture Victoria:

On a lighter note its great to see the vernacular of Australia’s world famous meat being taken so seriously by our sharp witted northern neighbours here

Brett remains resolute on the journey to materialising a solution for Livestock Drought and Flood Risk Transfer for the betterment of this farming
generation and those to come!