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Please find a 1:36 video here on OBA Consulting’s purpose – it is intended to illustrate ‘why we are doing what we are doing’.

It will be interesting to watch how recent and current liaisons between the US & China effect world markets.

As referenced in our update of the 23rd of May 2019 Australia is the 2nd largest producer of Red Meat in the world behind the US – update referred to here

The below graph released by Meat & Livestock Australia on 16th May 2019 illustrates the link in prices between Australian and US beef – please find the full article here

Interesting to note the cross over in price mid 2016 due to sharp contraction in Australian supply

The scale of financial and personal devastation caused by loss of Livestock due to extreme weather is not to be underestimated:

Jacqueline Curley surveys a scene of utter death and destruction of our beautiful cows and calves with pure devastation.

The below quote, originally from Dante Alighieri, is one that resonates with Brett:

We remain resolute on the journey to materialising a ‘wholistic’ solution for Livestock Risk Transfer for the betterment of this farming generation and those to come!