Code Refactoring and Migration Services

If you are not happy with your software performance or stability, or plan new features after long years of product development – you might need code refactoring and/or migration to the modern technologies. Our consultants will help you to identify and locate issues in your software, refactor the code, improve the architecture and thus optimize system performance. Or consult on how to migrate to the new frameworks and implement this migration. We work with the code of any size and any degree of complexity. We use multiple techniques for code refactoring including automated methods and a number of appropriate tools. We can do entire work or participate in the project as part of the team.

Our code refactoring methodology includes the following steps:

  1. Analysis of the existing code using automated tools and manual code review
  2. Identification of problems, documentation of all issues found – you get detailed analysis report and expert’s recommendations
  3. Work plan preparation. Based on the issues found we create a work plan on how to fix them. After your approval we start the next activity
  4. Code refactoring itself. This may be iterative
  5. Testing to make sure that success criteria were met
  6. Delivery

How to ensure you get the result that you need?

SDS is specializing in custom software development and working on various and mostly complex projects with different Clients who use different technologies, approaches, and tools. This allowed SDS to built a solid experience and knowledge in software development including not only technologies but processes, approaches and toolsets as well.

We carefully listen to you and focus on your needs. From the beginning, we establish clear success criteria for the project. We rely on our team experience and proven methodology. Our developers have vast experience in code refactoring. They are result-oriented and lover to tackle difficult problems and meet tight deadlines.

If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask, we will be happy to provide required details.